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Calling circles that reconnect

Our aim is to offer a place for meditation and prayer, drawing on diverse spiritual traditions and paths to grace.  The invitation is to sit in gratitude for  the gift of life, and ask for respite from the delusion of separation. We do this in response to humanity's twin spiritual and ecological crises which are calling us to   make an evolutionary step into our Ecological Self.  For the benefit of all beings - whether through prayer, and online but eventually on hills, and shores and plains, in temples, churches, stone circles and mosques - let us once again seek the solidarity, grace and grit we will need for the times ahead.    .

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Our circles began in England in the village of Firle, East Sussex, England

We will put out a new guided meditation audio track every week  



Parish Priest

Peter Owen Jones is a 21st century priest, ecological thinker and TV presenter.  Born and raised in the UK, Peter dropped out of public school at the age of 16, and went to work as a jackaroo in Australia. He moved back to Britain, and worked as a farm labourer in southeast England, then ran a mobile disco, before moving to London where he started work as a messenger boy in Soho, eventually working his way up to the position of creative director in London’s advertising industry.  Disenchanted with the material rat race and eager to follow a life of service and meaning, in his late 20s he joined the clergy, becoming ordained in 1992.  He served as a rector of three parishes just outside Cambridge and is now a parish priest on the Sussex Downs.

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Resilience Professor

I’m a medical doctor, researcher and writer with a career-long interest in complementary medicine and psychotherapy.   Im a former Chair of the British Holistic Medical Association and I edit the Journal of Holistic Healthcare  

I co-founded the Centre for Resilience at University of Westminster in 2013 to develop research and resilience training  for NHS practitioners  and leaders in industry.  Im particularly interested in the heart-brain connection, polyvagal theory and their relevance to self-regulation and PTSD. On the Sussex Downs where I live with my wife and family, we are exploring circle-work and celebrations of earth-centred spirituality.     I have practiced yoga and meditation for over forty years.

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Psychotherapist, Druid

I live in the wide open landscape of the South Downs in Sussex, England. In my teens, I began studying Druidry as a spiritual path, and for 32 years helped to lead  The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Later I took a degree in psychology from University College London, and trained in psychotherapy for adults at The Institute of Psychosynthesis, in Montessori education and play therapy for children, and in Sophrology – a system of mind-body training for deep relaxation and personal development. I am now involved in the work of three institutes: the Institute of Psychosynthesis, as a non-executive director; the Synthesis Institute, where I work in the integration programme for participants involved in research into the use of psilocybin for the treatment of depression; and the Sophrology Institute, which is focussed on teaching sophrology to psychologists, mindfulness teachers, wellbeing practitioners and the general public.

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Cosmologist, healer

I’m a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, international best-selling author, most recently of The Cosmic Hologramand previously one of the UK’s most senior international business women.  I’ve experienced life-long multidimensional realities and have been fortunate to work with wisdom keepers of many traditions, and integrate leading-edge science, consciousness research, and universal wisdom teachings. I grew up as the daughter and grand-daughter of coal miners in Derbyshire before heading to Oxford University where I gained a Masters degree specialising in cosmology and quantum physics. Then, realizing an academic life wasn’t for me, I became an accountant and eventually in turn the finance director of two, hundred-million pound turnover businesses. After one too many strategic plans and feeling a call to serve a greater calling, I journeyed on an ongoing inner and outer quest to begin to understand how I might do so, and whilst gaining a PhD in archaeology researching the wisdom of ancient cosmologies. Since authoring six books, I’m a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle ( and in 2017 co-founded WholeWorld-View, serving the understanding, experiencing and embodying of unity consciousness and aiming to empower transformational change. Website: 


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Dr Sarah Eagger is a retired consultant psychiatrist in London UK, a practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation for over 40 years and a certified Mindful Self Compassion teacher.  She is on the executive committees of both the Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry section of the World Psychiatric Association and the Special Interest Group on Spirituality at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK). Sarah is also chair of the Janki Foundation, a UK based charity that promotes spirituality in healthcare.

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                     HUMANKIND CIRCLES

Responding to the planetary emergency

  • A global invocation of human-kindness.  

  • Collective intentions to feed positive energy into the planetary field

  • Active hope for a pandemic of goodwill and healing.

Our species first appeared on Earth only a quarter of a million years ago.

We are newcomers on a timeline of life that stretches back four billion years. 

As soon as our ancestors had fire they gathered round it in a circle.  

In circles they learned to befriend and tend one another.   There, as the circle nourished love, wisdom and healing, it helped our species cooperate and survive.  

The circle is written into our DNA and,  in our collective mind it continues to call to us.   

In our time, paused as we are between a damaged past and a potentially beautiful future, we need sacred circles once more.  

Spaces where we can connect and reflect,  seek insight and find our way ahead.

About: Who We Are
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