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Because we are hard-wired for the sacred circle.

Our species appeared on Earth only a quarter of a million years ago:  newcomers on a timeline of life on Earth that stretches back four billion years. 

As soon as our ancestors had fire they gathered round it in a circle.  In circles they learned to befriend and tend one another.   There, as the circle nourished love, wisdom and healing, it helped our species cooperate and survive.  

The circle is literally written into our DNA, and in our collective mind it continues to call to us.   In our time, paused as we are between a damaged past and a potentially beautiful or perilous future, we need sacred circles once more: spaces where we can connect and reflect,  seek support and find our way ahead.

Callanish Standing Stones, Outer Hebrides © Kenny Lam, VisitScotland

Callanish Standing Stones, Outer Hebrides.jpg
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