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In July of 2012, Miniclip would start conserving more time and energy into an entirely new update. They would first open up an office in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon with one sole purpose; to provide a mobile team for 8 Ball Pool.[7] In just over two-and-a-half years, the Miniclip Mobile team which had been working closely with tablet and mobile devices had generated hundreds of millions of downloads between a selection of classic mobile titles.[7] With the infrastructure to create great mobile games already in place, it made perfect sense to bring 8 Ball Pool to mobile.[7] The Miniclip team had been thinking about releasing a mobile version of 8 Ball Pool in early 2012, but it would be until the Summer of 2012 when the Mobile Team would commence a brand new project: a mobile 8 Ball Pool.[7] They had once released a Mobile version of 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool but it never really satisfied Miniclip's needs, it would be pulled out of the App Store in early 2012.[7] They found it clear that, if they were to build another pool-related app it had to be brought to the mobile version properly.[7]

http games 8-ball-pool-multiplayer en download


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