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Roy Stuart Glimpse 10

These tiny portraits of ''noble persons'' done in ''private manner'' in the late 16th and early 17th centuries give the observers of today an invaluable glimpse into the costumes and characters of Tudor and Jacobean England.

roy stuart glimpse 10

The reader will find here, revolving about the writer's own career which is portrayed, intimate glimpses of the religious, social and political history of the times. The fifty years' service of our author have not been bounded by the pulpit, the rostrum and library. As a chaplain in the the United States Army he has seen service in tent, in barracks and in the field. Haiti to the south of us, and the Philippines on the border of the Orient are far flung outposts in which our author has served with distinction and honor.

It was not the fulfilling of dreams that led me across our own continent several times and four times across the Pacific. It was stern duty tempered by kind destiny that gave me a glimpse of Hawaii, of Guam, of Japan, adding also the privilege of a sojourn in the Philippines. None of this was in my programme of life; but the divinity that shapes our ends put this in as in one sense the overplus, and in another, as the preparatory experience necessary to the fulfillment of my most engrossing dream of travel.

Our young men who get past the Christian religion in a six months' course of biology might ponder the devout attitude of this great Doctor of Medicine, not a minister, and at least postpone their denouement. The glimpses into the remarks of the students are also important.

As previously narrated, passing through St. Germains I was able to get glimpses only of the grand maneuvers that were going on in that vicinity. But I enjoyed much hearing our consul and his wife speak of having entertained at dinner recently the general commanding one of the two great divisions then assembled. Mrs. Hunt is decidedly anti-militaristic, but has the fine tact to make and hold friends among army people while Mr. Hunt has an attractive side for every one.


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