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Akurra Download 2021 PC Game

**For Mac Users**Follow these instructions if you experience an error message when attempting to run the game for the first time. You can also get the demo on Steam to avoid this issue:

Akurra Download PC Game

Wow, this was a really nice game. The graphics and music are awesome (those animations!). The puzzles are interesting and challenging, and there are lot of mechanics for just 1 hour of gameplay. The exploration is very clever, because it foreshadows the solution of some puzzles and makes the islands a puzzle by itself. 5/5.

This is a cool game. From what I've seen, it looks to be a long one too! I enjoyed my time with the demo and would like to ask a couple questions to see where this game is going.1) Will this game do more with less and use the simple mechanics in unique ways like: Using cliffs to fall onto a box/trail of boxes or block a teleporter with a certain thing to solve a puzzle? These are just examples btw2) Will it take a metroidvania approach to progression?3) Do you have a rough release date, play length and price? If so, it would be useful to know.4) Will you have playtesters/take in puzzle submissions since I would be very interested to sign up for either?

2. Yes, as you unlock more friends and items, you will gain access to more and more areas.3. I am aiming for the end of next year for release. The price will be $15, and my estimate at the moment is the game will feature 10 to 15 hours of gameplay. If I have time I will be able to add more content.4. At the moment I'm not taking any puzzle ideas, and the only testing we are doing is internally and with alpha testers from the Kickstarter project.

I would like to thank you, Pursuing Pixels, from the bottom of my heart for your recommendations! Thanks to you I've been able to find awesome pixel art titles such as Akurra -- and we seem to have a very similar taste when it comes to video games. I really think that you should also take a closer look at the retro homebrew scene, i.e. new games for actual retro consoles and computers. Just check out some of the cool stuff that people have been working on (some of these games are even available on Steam/itch):

Thank you so much for this in depth response. It feels fantastic when someone really clicks with the game and has such a fantastic writing ability to put it in words. We really appreciate the kind words!!

Dude this game is soo much fun! I didn't even remember where I got it, just found the demo on my desktop and decided to play it tonight. I'm actually kinda sad it's not out yet, I assumed it was an old game, haha. It seems like the demo has changed compared to some let's plays I've seen on YouTube, e.g. the island to the far right on the map is covered in clouds for me, there are no triangle pieces, etc. Anyway.. I wishlisted this on Steam, good luck on making the rest of the game and here's to hoping to a smooth and successful release!

This game is simply incredible, I can't even really come up with words to describe how much fun I had playing through this demo. The way you paced it out was probably the most compelling part, I am very excited to see where you take this!

The game boy color aesthetic lured me in, and the exploring-by-solving-puzzles loop kept me hooked. Akurra is fantastic - I had to play all the way through the demo on one sitting. There was just enough loose ends available at all times so that if I got stuck in one puzzle, I could just go look around for other mysteries to solve (and there seemed to be a plenty of them!).

Incredible game. I missed the Kickstarter, sadly, but will be purchasing it day 1. It will be a painful 2 year wait for sure (haha). While this may not be for everyone due to it's puzzle-style gameplay, I absolutely love sokoban (block pushing) mechanics. The puzzles are beautifully designed, and the game isn't just pure sokoban like Chip's Challenge or Eggerland (Lolo). It actually adds a lot of interesting elements to the genre, like solving puzzles in any order you wish in an interconnected world, and getting stumped on puzzles at first, only to realize that you need to interact with something in another puzzle to further open up the game world. It's genius. The music is beautiful and unique, and really sets the tone for the adventure. Our main character has a great design, and the world he inhabits is mystical and memorable, with wonderful 'Link's Awakening' -style pixel art and secrets galore. My only complaint would be that the music restarts every time you restart a puzzle. I wish it would keep going, as otherwise it break the mood, and thus the player's immersion. Just a small nitpick.

The fact that one person is making this (well, besides the music, and they also have a QA tester from what I understand) makes it all the more impressive. It took me about 3 hours to 100% the demo, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Like a rabid animal, I eagerly anticipate my next taste of this game ;)

This game is just amazing, taking the sokoban mechanic as the main mechanic to a full adventure game is genius.. The game is super fun and challenging, puzzles are well designed and the 8 bit aesthetic is just beautiful.. Congrats! Amazing demo

Hello. The game demo seems to be unplayable for me. The game is constantly holding Up, and I can't move in any other direction. I can't navigate the menu, and I can't move the character in-game. I can barely enter a single letter for the profile name to even get started. Since it's full-screen, the only way out is the press Alt+Tab to minimize the game and close it from the taskbar. Is there something I did wrong?

GigaMan I'm sorry to hear that! Do you have a game pad or another keyboard plugged in? There could be a problem where the game is taking inputs from it. You can press P to switch between full screen and windowed, not sure if that will help anything. Is it possible for you to take a video of what's happening?

Hello! I know it's been 3 months and I should have contacted you through discord a long time ago, but I had other business and put this off. I came back to this game today and found out the issue was a vJoy Driver that was installed and the whole time it was taking up a controller slot on my computer and causing problems in many other games I attempted to play.

The GameBoy Advanced era of games is really dear to me, growing up without any pocket change and strict parents. The art style of Akurra but more importantly the rich animation, the amazing eye for detail in every puzzle, everything feeds back into this mindset of squeezing the most out of my games. The absence of language mimicks not knowing English as a native Dutch, bruteforcing your way through a game's inputs and letting the design lead the way.

I got invested pretty quickly in Akurra's starting puzzles, but when I reached the turtle at the end of the first island and I could see a Donkey Kong Country 3-like worldmap, it expanded my perceived scope of the game so much. Figuring out that the patterns on the ground were manually and deliberately placed, figuring out why two crates weren't pushable and imagining how they could be destroyed with a later item, then having everything fall into place was extremely satisfying. I've played a few puzzle games, but the sheer intelligent design going into these is something I had seen, but I had not experienced before.

Wow, thank you so much!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comment. I love to hear people's experiences like this with my game, it really is the driving force for me creating it. I tried to make something without verbal language and so it's amazing when people really understand it :). I'm glad that my game spoke to you in such a way, and I hope you will come back and try it out when it's finished! If you weren't aware, we also have a Kickstarter going right now:

Am curious though, was trying to 100% the demo and was really stuck on the last star. Pulled up a walkthrough on YT and there's a hint in what I imagine to be an older build of the game that's no longer visible because it's obscured by clouds.

i was really excited to play but when i started the game i encountered a bug. It seems like w or the up arrow are stuck in the game. i checked my keyboard but that wasnt the problem. I could barely even put a name. I got the letter A to set the profile and that was it. After that the game launched and as expected my character ran to the top of the screen and got stuck. I restarted a few times but nothing seemed to work.

Hi Fundiments sorry to hear about that! Do you have a gamepad plugged in or connected with bluetooth? The game takes inputs from multiple sources so it could be caused by another controller. Also, did anything change if you quit the game entirely and started again, or restarted your computer?If you have discord, please join our server and we can help you figure out the issue more quickly:

Had an absolutely fantastic time with this game. Expected to jump in and just give the demo a try for a few minutes, ended up 100%ing the demo over the course of 2 days and 2.5hours of playtime. Wrote a video review for the game here: =msKW8MPvBeM

Could not put this game down. Jason has done an exemplary job at infusing nostalgic artwork with many creative puzzles and rewarding gameplay. Craig, the man behind the music, also does spectacular work providing that islander atmosphere with his amazing tracks. The community has been really awesome and it's a joy being a part of it and watching the game grow.

I grew up on the Gameboy Zeldas, and this game fills the void that time has made. The puzzles are challenging, exploring is exciting, and the whole thing leaves me very satisfied. I'm a completionist, and this game makes getting that 100% feel very rewarding. Looking forward to being able to back this project on Kickstarter!

Fantastic game that reminds me of my time in the NES era in the 80s and 90s. It feels genuine, it makes you really thing about the solutions and it is beautifully presented in it's format. Good job! 041b061a72


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