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My Sexy Waitress Free Download [CRACKED]

Atmosphere: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*tGold (Rhymesayers Entertainment)Rapper Slug and beatmaster Ant both change direction on this classypackage (a bound book -- download that, suckers). Ant's shift is lessauspicious: no samples. But the "Shoulda Known" synth groan is hiscatchiest hook in years, and most of the music he coaxes out of hisTwin Cities g-s-d-etc. cohort is distinguished enough, especiallygiven his partner's progress. Slug has always made more ofself-examination than most cult celebs who work that shtick, and heshows them how on tracks like the well-named "Me." But he's evensharper empathizing with smaller-time losers. True, two of his angstvictims are waitresses, the club-circuit version of the cab driverswho've been giving journalists man-on-the-street copy for generations-- how about slaves of telemarketing, or data entry? Nevertheless, thelost lives and loves he sketches are so painfully familiar they feellike truth. And Ant's homey beats enhance the illusion.B PLUS

My Sexy Waitress Free Download



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