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Many groups now offer online opportunities for meditation and prayer.

Here are links to some other important projects.

Planet Healers: Welcome


What to do, in these unstable times, if like us you sense that the world is at a cross-roads?  

Can we harness the power of meditation, prayer, sitting in silence -   whatever it is you feel you're doing when you ground and centre - to send goodwill and active hope into the planetary field?

Many other groups now offer communities for meditation and prayer. Humankind can draw on a wealth of spiritual traditions and paths to grace.  The invitation is to sit in gratitude for  the gift of life, and ask for respite from the delusion of separation. We do this in response to humanity's twin spiritual and ecological crises which are calling us to make an evolutionary step into our Ecological Self.  For the benefit of all beings - whether through prayer, and online but eventually on hills, and shores and plains, in temples, churches, stone circles and mosques - let us once again seek the solidarity, grace and grit we will need for the times ahead.    .


Planet Healers: Programs

In our time Humankind can draw on a wealth of spiritual traditions. 

In parallel, science is revealing a vast evolving Universe, the self-regulating intelligence of our rare blue planet, and the intricate complexity of the life-world she has given birth to.  

And that all of this is filled with Mind

Many groups are offering online opportunities for meditation and prayer.

You can find links to other projects on the page below.

You can find inspiration in our resources section   monthly global attunements daily short meditations   Full Moon meditations


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