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Giving thanks for life is a foundational spiritual practice
In times of turmoil and uncertainty, gratitude will steady and ground us.
Appreciation brings us into presence - an offering we can make to our world.  
Can we get over the delusion that we are individuals set apart from the living  world?
Please join us whenever you can for moments of prayer and meditation
in deep appreciation of Gaia and her miraculous gift of life for all beings
The invitation is to take time to feel-sense-imagine yourself into Gaia's soul-field  
Just a few minutes of linking up with goodwill for all beings will be enough
There's a collection of meditations/prayers/invocations of the week in the library 
A minute of peace or a whole half hour:  good for you and good for the planet
Use the button here to let us know you're in the Circle tonight

We are  the first humans to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of our planetary home 

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You sense that the world is teetering on a dangerous edge

You feel this is a time of eco-spiritual emergency  

You know that humans have strained Gaia's living systems to a tipping point

You try to live more simply, tread softer on the Earth, do what you can for the planet

Perhaps you’re an eco-activist, or politically engaged on behalf of Gaia

Yet you sense there is unforgotten wisdom at the core of our being

After centuries of self-isolation humankind is waking to inter-being

Could praying for the planet help melt the boundaries separating us from the world? 

Use the button here to let us know you're in the Circle tonight 

A minute of peace or a whole half hour:  good for you and good for the planet

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The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects. The devastation of the planet can be seen as a direct consequence of the loss of this capacity for human presence to and reciprocity with the nonhuman world.

Thomas Berry

If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.

Joanna R. Macy

Our present ecological crisis…is calling to us and it is for each of us to respond. This crisis is not a problem to be solved, because the world is not a problem but a living being in a state of dangerous imbalance and deep distress.… There is action to be taken in the outer world, but it must be action that comes from a reconnection with the sacred—otherwise we will just be reconstellating the patterns that have created this imbalance.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee   Spiritual Ecology, The Cry of the Earth

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We cannot change the world alone. To heal ourselves, to restore the earth to life, to create the situations in which freedom can flourish, we must work together in groups.


As much as we want it to, the world won’t change until we ourselves become active participants in the expansion of consciousness and the restoration and healing of all things. 

Richard Rohr

We faintly hear a melody deep within the mind:

A melody of a universe unfolding in time

A melody of a numinous mystery that resonates throughout the entire universe

A melody of an unbroken bond of relatedness throughout the whole universe that is both spatial and temporal

A melody of a bond of intimacy that holds all together in communion

A melody of ourselves as that communion becoming conscious of itself

This sense of communion at the heart of reality

Is the central force bringing the ecological age into existence.

Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth

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