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We are the first humans to see the  whole Earth from space 


Can we heal the delusion that humans are set apart from the living  world?

Giving thanks  is a foundational spiritual practice

Gratitude will steady and ground us in this time of turmoil and uncertainty

For a few minutes lets link with goodwill for all that live

You can scroll down  to meditate on the mandala of Earth from Space

Take a moment to meditate on the turning world


And give thanks for Earth's gifts of life for all beings

A few minutes of peace - good for us and good for the planet


You sense that the world is teetering on a dangerous edge

You feel this is a time of eco-spiritual emergency  

You know that humans have strained Gaia's living systems to a tipping point

You try to live more simply, tread softer on the Earth, do what you can for the planet

Perhaps you’re an eco-activist, or politically engaged on behalf of Gaia

Yet you sense there is unforgotten wisdom at the core of our being

After centuries of self-isolation humankind is waking to inter-being

Could praying for the planet help melt the boundaries separating us from the world? 

A minute of peace or a whole half hour:  good for you and good for the planet

We cannot change the world alone. To heal ourselves, to restore the earth to life, to create the situations in which freedom can flourish, we must work together in groups.


As much as we want it to, the world won’t change until we ourselves become active participants in the expansion of consciousness and the restoration and healing of all things. 

Richard Rohr

We faintly hear a melody deep within the mind:

A melody of a universe unfolding in time

A melody of a numinous mystery that resonates throughout the entire universe

A melody of an unbroken bond of relatedness throughout the whole universe that is both spatial and temporal

A melody of a bond of intimacy that holds all together in communion

A melody of ourselves as that communion becoming conscious of itself

This sense of communion at the heart of reality

Is the central force bringing the ecological age into existence.

Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth

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